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One of the most degrading and demeaning experience in my life...will never step foot in one of these stores again and when my product runs out, will certainly not restock.

Deceptive sales practices... e.g. Told me that my supply would last 3 years, when sales receipt was printed, found out they'd simply tripled the amount of product they say I agreed to buy... return policy is not disclosed up front and everything they have you do will disqualify you from returns...

do NOT allow them to ship product to you... and do NOT accept any free gifts (both void your ability to return anything!) I challenged the purchase through my bank and their legal staff said the return policy is legally rock solid so my only responsible recourse is to try and warn others. they will embarrass you and berate you in their store in front of others and will interrupt you attempting to do any research online while in the store. They even disrupted my call to my husband to confer with him over my hesitations.

And they don't seem to know much about properties of skin care ingredients... tea tree oil is NOT a sunscreen as claimed by salesman and although microbial, it is widely attributed to skin irritation. Their facial products are heavily scented... not usually something I'd put on my face.

I have been very displeased with the products in the several months II have used them. And still feel foolish for allowing myself to be bullied into purchasing these overpriced and ineffective products... stay away!! This was at the store on Maui.

Salesman also showed me another person's account information and claimed it was Celine Dion's (which I didn't believe, but he still showed me another person's account details in their. Computer system so hold on to any personal details you don't want publicly disclosed.) This same salesman also stated that Jesus Christ was telling him that I should treat myself by buying these products...

which should have sent me laughing my way out the door, but in hindsight is just absurdly offensive and insulting.What is the procedure to return product for a full refund and the process TresorRare will implement to ensure this doesn't happen to others?

Review about: Tresor Rare Cream.

Reason of review: Bad quality.


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These sales people don't know anything about skin care or ingredients in the products.I truly regret buying their products.

I foolishly bought in Palm Desert.

I deeply regret falling for their lies.

They are only interested in a sale.AWFUL

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